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Ideas to Improve Your WordPress Site

I create software for web users and am always on the look-out for ideas. What I really want to find out is what people want – even though they may not know themselves. One great place to look is the WordPress Plugin Directory This lists all the great, freely available, wordpress plugins. As usual, this […]

How to Protect your WordPress Login

Not having posted to for quite a while, I found that I was locked out of the WordPress Login Page. That was a really good refresher for me, having to check all the things I might have done to protect this site from getting hacked – so far as practicable. First stop was to check […]

WordPress Web Server Contingency Planning

Last Friday I got an email from D9, my hosting company, to advise they needed to lock everybody out of their wp-admin panels because of massive attacks on their servers. That was a big problem and wake up call for me because apart from adding content to my websites I am developing and testing new […]

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