Sales and Opt-In Pages Written for You

I’ve just bought a great wordpress plug-in.
One that includes templates to create sales, optin and other pages in a few clicks from your website.

Personally I think it’s much more useful than expensive alternatives – such as optimize press that cost me $97
Because it lets me keep existing wordpress sites and create extra pages using templates with sample headlines and other text, that’s easy to edit.
So I can quickly add special page templates and continue to use any existing blog posts and pages

Why not check out the demonstration video?

Or, if you can spare the time, it’s worth watching the training webinar:

Here the sales message that got me interested:


It's true.  We want to give you are best converting, split tested (over a million dollars in sales) and
copywriting templates for sales pages, optin pages, webinar pages and more...
Never have to worry about the techy BS of online marketing again.
Click a few buttons and have your pages online today.
But don't wait because in 24 hours the price will more than double


I was lucky enough to get the plugin for only $7 – and if you’re quick, maybe you can as well, before the price jumps to $17!


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