Lessons from Color Magic WSO

It’s now been a couple of weeks since I launched my first WSO with Color Magic Probably the most important lesson I’ve learnt is that affiliates drive most of the traffic and sales – making warriorplus one of the best places to get started. Their site automatically attracts affiliates to new offers. That’s why it […]

Initial results from my first WSO

It’s now 2 days since I launched my first WSO for Color Magic I decided to use Warrior Plus for the offer to manage payments and affiliates for a few reasons: They provide great real-time stastics. They have lots of affiliate marketers. They offer immediate payment – to me and affiliates. Their site is highly […]

Finally launched my first WSO

Today, I finally managed to launch my very first Warrior Special Offer for a brand new and unique software program called Color Magic – apologies to my UK colleagues but theonly useful domain available use the US spelling for colour! I think this is a great product and I was lucking enough to get a […]