Initial results from my first WSO

It’s now 2 days since I launched my first WSO for Color Magic

I decided to use Warrior Plus for the offer to manage payments and affiliates for a few reasons:

  • They provide great real-time stastics.
  • They have lots of affiliate marketers.
  • They offer immediate payment – to me and affiliates.
  • Their site is highly ranked and loads quickly.

Within minutes of the WSO going live, I started to get affiliate requests.
That was great, apart from the fact that most, but not all,  requests were from affiliates with little activity or reputation on Warrior – making it difficult to decide whether to accept or deny their requests.

I new I needed affiliates, but didn’t really understand just how important they are – but over 70% of my traffic and sales came from affiliates driving traffic to my WSO offer page

My WSO thread slipped off page one in about 12 hours then off page two within 24 hours – when I could pay another $40 to bump it back again.
Two days on and my WSO has slipped to page 4

Conversions from hops to sales have been around 3% – not great, but that seems to be typical of many new offers from WarriorPlus.
The  Color Magic WSO is on sale for just $7.
John Thornhill suggests $5 works best for him – maybe that would help conversions, but I’m not so sure.
Glen Hopkins suggested offering 100% commission rather than 50% – but visitor numbers have dwindled too much to test that now.

Ideally I think I need an offer to convert much better to give marketers at least 30 cents a hop.
This equates to 6% conversions for a $5 product or 4.3% for a $7 product – if I offer affiliates 100% commission.
Or twice these numbers for only 50% commission.

So now I’m wondering exactly how can I prepare a sales page that converts at 6% before I actually pay my $40 for a WSO?



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