Lessons from Color Magic WSO

It’s now been a couple of weeks since I launched my first WSO with Color Magic

Probably the most important lesson I’ve learnt is that affiliates drive most of the traffic and sales – making warriorplus one of the best places to get started.
Their site automatically attracts affiliates to new offers.

That’s why it takes time to make WSO’s really profitable – because it takes time to grow a list of affiliates.

My initail conversion rates of 2 to 3% have now improved to average over 6%.
But these figures hide huge differences in performance:

  • My biggest and most successful affilite made around half the total sales with a conversion rate of 10% – he clearly knows what he is doing!
  • 80% of affiliates sent virtually no traffic
  • A couple of affiliates sent single clicks with one sale each – suggesting they were just buying for themselves or a friend

The second lesson I learnt was that warriorplus takes commission when there is no other affiliate.
A bit cheeky – because they benefit so much from every $40 paid to start or bump a WSO.

Only now have I discovered they provide affiliate links for vendors.
So my next step is to pay to drive traffic to my Color Magic WSO
I think that’s more cost effective than bumping the WSO because so few of my sales come directly from WarriorForum traffic viewing the WSO.
Traffic from affiliates get driven to the WSO page anyway.

I first set up a Google Adwords campaign with a link to my offer on WarriorForum – but that got disallowed with no reason given, just a link to their terms and conditions page. One link on their email was even broken!
Arrogant in ways that only a company like Google can be.
Not many businesses can treat customers with such incredible indifference.
So I just deleted the campaign rather than waste more time on it – guessing what Google don’t like.

A few days ago I purchased a WSO, called ‘The bill Collector Slayer’, from Ari Rothland.
This WSO is a course about how to make money using banner advertising.
So now my plan is to test out driving traffic to my Color Magic offer using banner ads.

As the product owner of Color Magic I get just $2.78 from each affiliate $7 sale after paying warriorplus and paypal.
But using my own affiliate link to drive traffic this increases to $6.13

With a 5% conversion rate from clicks to sales that means I can afford to pay up to $0.30 per click for traffic.
That’s my idea at the moment.
Later today I’ll see if my guru Glen Hopkins can provide any other ideas on what I should do next.



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