Does Training Quality Shrink with Quantity?

If you’re like me, you’ll value your time pretty highly. And that presents a real problem when trying to learn something new. You’ll need training to go into enough detail so you can understand it. But you really don’t want it to go at such a snails pace that you switch off before it gets […]

The Laptop Millionaire

Mark Anastasi has just published a book called ‘The Laptop Millionaire‘ This includes Mark’s story of moving from poverty to financial independance with the guidance of a mentor he calls his Laptop Millionaire One interesting target needed to replace a typical income is to get 400 clicks a day – to bring in $100 a […]

One Month Mentor day 16

Day 16 Friday 4 May 2012 simply carries on editing eBook Today it’s just more of the same – carry on editing and writing eBook There’s not much I can do today becuase I still haven’t started writing or editing an eBook yet. I’m really keen to learn John’s plan for monetizing the product and […]