How to Rotate an Image using Header Magic

Today I created a Youtube Video showing how to rotate an image using Header Magic Rotating 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise is easy and lots of software allows you to do that. But it’s much often more useful to be able to be able to rotate images by smaller angles. Header MagicĀ lets you rotate any […]

How to Use Header Magic

I’ve finally managed to create a powerpoint presentation for Header Magic and convert it into a Youtube video The first video, called Using Header Magic shows how quick and easy it is to create unique, high quality Headers and otherĀ  images for your websites. The good news is that’s it’s much quicker and easier to […]

Starting to Use dotProject Usefully

Two days ago I installed dotProject then yesterday I added a few projects along with the main tasks needed to complete them. Today I have been working VERY much more effectively completing over 50% of one brand new project. My aim was to follow Jason Fladleins idea of creating one product in one sitting to […]