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One Month Mentor day 18

Day 18 Sunday 6 May 2012 suggests tools for editing HTML web pages with a sample sales letter template. John uses Microsoft’s Expression Web for editing HTML – available for 60 day trial then $149 for the professional version or $599 for the Ultimate edition. After providing a quick review of using Expression Web, John […]

One Month Mentor day 17

Day 17 Saturday 5 May 2012 provides ideas for adding value to my new product. Suggestions to add value include adding audio, video, worksheets and checklists. John also explains how to create audio and video as well as suggesting tools to use. Some are free others, like Camtasia Studio, cost $299 or £230.50 (about $370) […]

One Month Mentor day 16

Day 16 Friday 4 May 2012 simply carries on editing eBook Today it’s just more of the same – carry on editing and writing eBook There’s not much I can do today becuase I still haven’t started writing or editing an eBook yet. I’m really keen to learn John’s plan for monetizing the product and […]