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Windows Controlled Folder Access

I’d almost completed a major new Windows graphics application ‘Magic Water Mark’ when I hit a typical Microsoft road-block. My tried and tested routines for saving Image Files all failed to work – creating a System.Exception: “A generic error occurred in GDI+.”. Absolutely no helpful debug information available anywhere. The problem appeared for an application […]

Upgrade http to https for security

In the process of creating new software and websites, I thought it might be a good idea to improve this site by changing from http to https.This is what I found I needed to do: First make sure my hosting account had the necessary security certificate – D9 Hosting were on the ball and made […]

Ideas to Improve Your WordPress Site

I create software for web users and am always on the look-out for ideas. What I really want to find out is what people want – even though they may not know themselves. One great place to look is the WordPress Plugin Directory This lists all the great, freely available, wordpress plugins. As usual, this […]