How to Use Image Cropper

Creating a Powerpoint slideshow and YouTube video about How to Use Image Cropper was much quicker today.

Again I used mu Clik-n-Snap software to grab screen shots.
The most useful feature allows a screen capture size to be defined.
I set this to the widow size Image Cropper has been set to.
Then all I need to do to capture each Image Cropper demonstration step is activate  Clik-n-Snap and click at the top left of the Image Cropper window.

Clik-n-Snap then allows me to draw highlight lines and add explanatory text.

That way it takes just minutes to create a bunch of slides that can all be opened and saved by Powerpoint as a presesntation – with almost no additional work!

Finally I used Camtasia Studio to turn the slideshow into a YouTube video adding audio to explain each step.



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