A Mastermind session with John Thornhill

A couple of months ago I paid just $27 for John Thornhills ‘One Month Mentor’ training course.
Well worth the price – and as a bonus John offered a mastermind mentoring session for small groups where he would help and answer any questions.

Well last night, my session with John finally arrived.
I expected about 10 people would be on the call – after all John had sold 100’s of copies of his ‘One Month mentor’ course.
So I reckoned I would be lucky to get 5 minutes of John’s time and attention.

What really surprised me was that only a few people were on the call – so I was lucky enough to get all of John’s time and attention for over 20 minutes! How lucky was I?

What I wanted to quiz John about was the best way to market my software – and here are his recommendations:

  • Set up as WSO at a starting price of $5 to $7 maybe increasing to $9
  • Don’t bother with Clickbank for now
  • Avoid warriorplus – too many people have had Paypal accounts shut down
  • Use JVzoo as a payment processor
  • Don’t get hung up on copy protection – check out his blog comment
  • OK to keep a separate sales page at headermagic.com with price $27 to $47
  • Consider offering white label software as PLR upsell for $27
  • Add bonuses to offer

John also answered a number of things I was unsure about:

  • You can’t split test WSO – only buy separate one at $40 a pop
  • Don’t just start with one product – but get others out there – maybe one a week
  • Make use of his WSO domination course – that I bought as an upsell, but haven’t used yet

Since the call, I have been trying to clarify a real business plan.
I’ve discovere the real problem with making money online is not about a lack of how to do things but rather not knowing what to do and spend time on.

Like all software developers, I constantly ‘waste’ time improving my products – because I am always thinking up new ideas – but this doesn’t help bring in $ to pay the bills!
So now I’ve been refining my processes so that I can start releasing new software products at regular intervals and build some marketing momentum – because creating a working product is very definitely only half the job.

Thanks again for your help John

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