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Learn What to Do before Learning How to Do Things Online

A big mistake I made on my journey making money online was to focus far too much on how to do things – to the detriment of deciding what to do. My Engineering background instilled an insatiable appetite for learning how things work and trying to understand how to use and improve the way they […]

The Dreaded WordPress Internal Server Error

When things are going well online, I seem to forget about what can go wrong – and the consequences. Yesterday after I finished a post on this blog, I noticed a typo. But instead of being able to log in to wordpress, I got the dreaded “Internal Server Error” As soon as this message appeared […]

Review of John Thornhills WSO Domination

I bought John Thornhill’s WSO Domination training package a couple of months ago as a downsell One Time Offer along with his One Month Mentor program. By the way WSO stands for Warrior Special Offer. The package consists of: 29 videos almost 3 hours in total – the shortest only 1 minute, the longest over […]