Review of John Thornhills WSO Domination

I bought John Thornhill’s WSO Domination training package a couple of months ago as a downsell One Time Offer along with his One Month Mentor program.

By the way WSO stands for Warrior Special Offer.

The package consists of:

  • 29 videos almost 3 hours in total – the shortest only 1 minute, the longest over 15 minutes
  • 9 pdf’s varying in length between 1 and 7 pages – 35 pages in total

Now that my Header Magic has been thoroughly tested and is ready to sell I plan on following John’s advice and offer it as a WSO.

Over the year’s I have learnt how to do most things online – including the techie stuff – so I wasn’t expecting a problem – but boy, am I glad I did decide to buy WSO Domination and check it out yesterday.
Why? Well I didn’t know just how much I didn’t know about launching a WSO until I took the time to check out John’s training program.
I like John style of training – showing and explaining how to do things in plenty of detail using short videos and pdf files I can print out.

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday and I’ve been burning the midnight oil recently working on my software – so I thought I would dust off my Archos MP4 player and sit outside by the sea to watch WSO Domination and learn in a relaxed, productive state of mind.

First problem – the videos are an unusual size 700 x 526 – and not the 640 x 480 I knew was needed to play on my small Archos MP4 player – a gadget I haven’t used since having to travel each day by train a few years ago.
No problem – I powered up my trusty copy of Camtasia Studio and started converting them to 640 x 480 MP4s

Camtasia is pretty slow rendering new videos, but after converting 4, I downloaded them to my Archos only to discover it wouldn’t play that particular format of MP4!
I was pretty mad when I first paid $300 to buy the Archos MP4 player and found out that it wouldn’t actually play vidoes without forking out another 20 Euros for an encoder – and I certainly didn’t plan on paying them another 20 Euros to play a different format of MP4’s.

So back to Camtasia to change the settings to produce WMF format video.
Maybe I’m mad – but I spent the best part of 3 hours using my laptop and desktop to convert all 29 videos to 640 x 480 WMF format and download them to my Archos.

Was it worth it? Well I think so. I managed to watch half a dozen videos late last night whilst waiting at the station for my wife’s train to arrive from London.
Nowadays I seem to be a pretty slow learner. Most of the time I think I understand new things, but really need to watch or listen several times to fully understand them. Having copies of the videos on an MP4 player means I can watch and rewatch them whenever I have a few minutes of spare time – so the information eventually seeps into by brain.

I also printed each of the PDF’s – because I usually find reading these is a much quicker way for me to learn.
Just one complaint – they have no headers, footers or page numbers – so I got them into a bit of a muddle before sorting them out and stapling them together.

Today is another sunny day, my wife has a day off and I am all set to watch and rewatch theĀ WSO Domination aideos until I really understand exactly what I need to do to launch my software.

So if you are planning to launch your first WSO anytime soon – I can hight recomment investing in John’s WSO Domination training package – it has already saved me a ton of wasted time getting started on my first WSO.


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