Clickbank Hoplink Protector Software

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to join another of John Thornhills Masterclass sessions – where John provides some training and answers everybody’s personal questions.

During the call, John mentioned problems people were having losing affiliate income from scammers.
That reminded me of the Hoplink Protector software I created some time ago.
I was following Jeff Walkers Video Squeeze Page course – using great professional graphics to promote a few selected high gravity Clickbank products.

After hundreds of hours work spread over many weeks, I had some great sites – but something was going very wrong with either the affiliate sites or Clickbank – because most of the time my affiliate links were either disappearing completely or being replaced by somebody else’s on my own PC!

I was horrified because most of my traffic had zero chance of bringing me affiliate sales.
Each time I raised a ticket with Clickbank they responded that there was no problem – despite thousands of angry posts on forums complaining about how much money other people were losing.

What I found was that when I first checked a hoplink after a day or two – my affiliate link had been replaced by somebody else’s.
The problem only disappeared for a day or two each time Clickbank investigated.
But if I refreshed the hoplink once or twice, my link appeared and stayed working for a while.

That’s when I created my HopProtector software to automatically check my affiliate links continued working – by checking them out at regular intervals – and flagging any sites or links that lost my affiliate name from Clickbank order pages.

Fast forward to John’s masterclass – and I can see HopProtector will be a great asset to all affiliate marketers who probably just ‘set and forget’ web pages with affiliate links.

Any hoplink can be added to HopProtector once then set to check that all of the affiliate links remain intact all the way to a Clickbank order page – at fixed or random intevals.

I’ve been burning the midnight oil working to update HopProtector to a version suitable for anybody to use.
Although the engine is fully working, tested and proven, it takes a lot of work to create a glossy user interface and all of the supporting training documentation – so users can get it up and running with the minimum effort in a few minutes.

Check back regularly for updates.
I’m hoping to have something released in the next few weeks.

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