Follow my day by day progress using John Thornhills One Month Mentor

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Wondering if this is going to work for me?


I recently purchased John Thornhills One Month Mentor training program – and aim to publish my day by day progress following the course.

Initially I’ll report how much time I’m spending each day plus running totals.

Later I hope to add details of traffic and any income generated from the site.

Please leave a comment if you find this helpful – or want want me to record anything extra as the course progresses.

2 Responses to “Follow my day by day progress using John Thornhills One Month Mentor”

  1. Hi Steve,

    I also purchased John’s 1 Month Mentor program. I am keen to see what sort of results it brings you.

    Cam Wilkes

  2. Hi Cam,

    That’s great – hope you are getting on OK taking action?

    I’d like to keep up with John’s training and make a blog post about progress each day.

    The first week has not been a problem, but still 3 more weeks to go, and it always seems to get tougher staying disciplined with so many other shiny opportunities constantly popping up!

    Kind regards,

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