Has Summer Finally Arrived?

Schools out, the sun is shining and hundreds of sailing boats arrived yesterday to enjoy the south coast.
So I ventured out of my front garden onto the beach to take quite a few pictures.
Those with lots of sailing boats look like dots – so I’ve chosen a picture with only a few boats to show you.

Hayling Island sailing

Hayling Island sailing

It was a good excuse for me to chill out with my telephone line and internet out of action – waiting for the BT engineer to arrive.
5 days after the fault developed, I’ve now got it fixed and can get back online.

Meanwhile I’ve been busy with not one, two or three – but 10 great new software products for internet marketers.
Why 10 products?
Well playing with my video camera, I discovered a recording from over a year ago featuring the good and the great Chris Farrell – not only a successful internet marketer now able to afford to live in Hollywood – but also a great guy willing to help others learn from his success.

I have a 25 minute video from Chris’s talk which I found very useful.
If enough people are interested, I could upload this to youtube?
Please just leave a comment.

I was lucky enough to meet Chris during an Open Wednesday session. A session that attracted almost 50 people – about 5 times more than normal.
Two of the characteristics Chris attributed to his success are his tenacity and understanding that ‘all skills are learnable’.
Chris went on to explain not only the importance of listbuilding but the need to prepare a plan for about 10 follow up messages to keep a list interested and involved.
Hence my latest plan to increase the number of software products I have prepared to around 10 – to give me a head start and a few months breathing space to add new products to my pipe-line.

Sorry to any readers waiting for my Header Magic, Clik-n-Snap, Transparency Magic, Hop Protector, Productivity Monitor and updated Ad-Blender software to arrive.
I use most of these every day and find them invaluable and want to make them available to lots of other people as soon as possible – but really need to do this in a controlled way fitting in with a proper business plan.

My plan is still to follow John Thornhills guidance and initially release them as Warrior Special Offers through JVZoo
But I also want to reach a critical mass of users so that I can benefit longer term from inbuilt advertising.

Apart from enjoying the sun and trying to keep fit with my daily swim in the sea, I’m still reading Mark Anastsi’s Laptop Millionaire  book – using a shotgun approach and picking out bits that appeal the most.
Today I read about Media Buying and guru’s such as Scott Rewick – able to make $100k a DAY, but using lots of capital to achieve this.
Mark explains how one student started spending $100 a pop buying media advertising initial getting no return but within a couple of weeks tweaking things to start making $60 profit from each $100 spent.

One day I still hope to learn how to turn $1 into $2 reliably enough to scale it up to these sorts of levels.
Meanwhile, back on earth, Mark did suggest using Media Buying to send traffic to my own website.
What a great idea – and how this fits in with my plan to have 10 great products I own for visitors to buy!

So that’s my latest cunning plan.
Line up 10 of my own relatively low cost products.
Launch them on warrior.
Then start paying to drive traffic to my website and offers.

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