My Favourite Firefox Addon

The browser I use most of the time is Firefox.
Over the years I’ve tried and tested lots of different “addons” – or plug-ins.
Addons are great when you use them but most slow Firefox down – so I only enable the ones I need to use.

Although I still have SEO Quake installed, I rarely spend time on SEO so keep it installed but disabled.
ReloadEvery is quite useful to help get Youtube videos jump started by getting the number of view for new videos up to a hundred or two.

A few months ago my copy of Thunderbird crashed – and I had no idea the damage this could cause.
Unfortunately I have gradually moved years on email archives into folders on my laptop – all stored by Thunderbird. What I didn’t understand was that when things go wrong it’s a real pain to restore everything.
Meanwhile I’m still accessing a few AOL email accounts directly from AOL – and that has to be one of the worst spammy websites around. Full of ads, videos and links.
But unless you use Outlook or Thunderbird, it’s the easiest way to access AOL emails.

I also discovered Microsoft have managed to prevent Outlook 2002 from working on Windows 7. Some module is no longer compatible and Microsoft have no plans to produce a fix. Probably no coincidence that this is the last version that doesn’t need Microsoft Activation each time it’s installed on a different PC.

The Adobe Flash video  addon is great when it works, but a real pain when it crashes – which is far too often. And this happens even more regularly with sites such as AOL
Things got so bad that I found myself enabling and disabling the Flash plugin many times every day.

Until I discovered FlashBlock – my favourite Firefox addon by far.

Now NO video can play in my browser unless I decide to let it!
It really has put me back in control of websites, pop-ups and pop-unders.

No longer can they start auto-playing videos – or locking up my browser for minutes at a time when Adobe Flash crashes.

If you don’t use FlashBlock – I can recommend giving it a try.
Great value at a price we all like = free.

By the way, it’s been another beautiful sunny day by the sea again today.
Even though it’s a work day there have been thousands of small sailing boats out enjoying the good weather while lasts.

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