My Personal Experience Using John Thornhills One Month Mentor

I’ve just bought John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor program – and plan to record my daily progress with it here.

Like many internet marketers, I constantly have problems with getting organized, prevarication and distraction with shiny new objects. I’m not a newbie online – but I know I have lots of room for improvement!

Anyway, I got an email from Richard Legg amongst over a hundred emails I get most days, in the account I use every time I sign up for anybody’s autoresponder¬† list

I’m not sure what caught my eye on Richard’s email, but he has provided useful info before so I clicked his link to John’s One Month Mentor program.

You can check out Richard’s email here

John was keeping his training program offer for just 7 days – and I was reading it a few hours before it closed.

Although the program is now closed, you can check out the sales copy that sold me here.

What I plan to do is check out John’s training material day by day and meticulously follow his instructions – well mostly! – and keep a log of how long I have spent learning and carrying out the training.

And I’ll also let you know how my site progresses with traffic and $



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