Richard Leggs email that got me to check out One Month Mentor

Every day I get about a hundred emails in an account I use for signing up to email lists.

How many of these emails I read changes with my mood and inclination as well as how much time I have – but typically I only actually open and maybe read one or two a day,

Although I have had useful information from Richard in the past I don’t always open his emails – so something in the title of this email must have caught my eye.

The content of his email then did their job of making me bother to click on a link to John’s offer – then it was down to John’s sales copy.

Here’s the email Richard sent:

Title: (CLOSING Forever) … From ZERO to PROFIT in 31 days

Hey, I just got an email from John letting me know the doors are closing in a few hours time and his 31 day coaching will be gone FOREVER.

Richard’s Link to John Thornhill’s One Month Mentorship WSO offer

John has not only made millions online, but he’s also helped countless other people find success on the internet too. Now he’s giving access to his best selling coaching program that helped those same people, but now he’s offering it with a massive 90% discount.

This will take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY what to do in order to go from ZERO to PROFIT in just 31 days. John is someone I know personally and this has to be one of the highest value offers I’ve seen, and I know you’re going to love it too…

But you have to hurry … Because this is such a limited discount, John is closing this down in just a few hours. My advice is get in now before the price goes back up (…even at full price it’s a great value product, but act now and you save over 90%)

Check it out here while you can:

Richard’s Link to John Thornhill’s One Month Mentorship WSO offer

Talk soon!


P.S. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to do this at the moment, your 31 days of training does not have to be intense and back to back.

You can spread your 31 days out if you need to but if you want in you need to act now before he closes the door.

Richard’s Link to John Thornhill’s One Month Mentorship WSO offer


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