Are Most Online Marketers Mad?

One definition of madness is continuing to do something with the expectation of getting a different result.

I know lots of online marketers who work hard yet fail to make any meaningful income from their efforts.
Some spend money buying training courses and tools that ‘promise’ (in various qualified ways) great results – but none materialise.

Others doggedly continue to write articles, spend lots of time on forums or social networks – and maybe even build big lists of contacts – yet fail to make any money.

They are following the idea that if they learn enough ways how not to do things, eventually they will find one way that works for them. Just like Edison and his light bulb.

Years ago I went to one film night at college and started watching a famous film showing a sundae dish of ice cream melting (sorry I can’t remember the title).

ice cream melting

ice cream melting

The camera didn’t move and there was no sound.
After about 10 minutes a few people started leaving – I think I left after 15 – 20 minutes.
Others stayed to the end – over an hour, I think, watching nothing more that the ice cream slowly meltting.

With 99% of people trying to make money online earning less than minimum wage for their time, when do things change from ‘working towards financial freedom’ become madness?
Sure it’s easy to keep buying training to learn how to ‘do things right’ but unless you are ‘doing the right things’ (even badly) then you’ll never succees.

What makes life even more difficult is the pace of change.
Eight years ago, anyone could buy ‘Google Clicks’ for such low prices that it was easy to make a profit.
Four years ago it was easy to set up hundreds of websites automated to post content scraped from other sites – and make automated profit.

Today there are many more people trying to earn a living online – meaning more competition, and new money making ideas stop working fatsre than ever.

But the basics of business never really change.
If you have something of value that other people want and are willing to pay your price then you will succeed.



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